One year is enough of silence.

It’s been a while since my last post. Those were an old photo that has been deleted from our pc already.
I missed posting and sharing stuff about me and my son. I hope old followers are still there.

After those old photos, my son now is a preschooler . Always showing a star stamped on his hand and notes. I feel so amazed that my son is doing well at school and very active all the time.

On his part everything went pretty well unlike me. Within that one year I was diagnosed of toxic goiter/ hyperthyroidism. Due to that condition , I experienced so many problems with regards to my health and at the same time at work. Good thing our office have been so considerate to me.

Due to many absences at work my pay check is
always not enough for everything and debts come to life.

Though I had a lot of bad times I can still stand tall in facing those challenges in life. Hopefully I can fully recover in all aspects so that I can give better future for my smart and amazing kid.

Love my baby AZ


I Missed This BLOG !!

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So this is how we are NOW ! It’s been a while since the last post . By next week it’s already his 3rd birthday. How fast right? Everyday I’m so amazed that this beautiful toddler came from me and how fast he grows. Happy to have him in my life. Thanks God! 


its been a long time

its been a very long long time since my last post . I feel sad because I’m not able to share the happenings in my sons 2nd birthday last june 26. Imagine that this blog was made 2 years ago but still dont have much followers haha! I know my blog seems to look nonsense for the others but i know i can make it a better blog as soon as i get a job. If i would have a job i guess i can buy myself at least a notebook and connection for a stable frequency of my nonsense blog(for others). Hehe!



Nice to start our new year by opening our hearts and give each other a memorable sweet kisses.
I’m so happy that me and my husband are still together, I wish that there will be more years for us to cherish precious moments together with our beautiful son. I hope problems to come can be conquered by us.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! THANK GOD 4 THIS NEW YEAR! We (?) i mean I, have a great year passed . This new year 2013 i wish 2 have m0re prosperous year than the previ0us year. I hope my new year’s res0luti0ns will be followed until next year (also you guys , you sh0uld obey y0ur new yr’s res0luti0n.). I kn0w God will guide us everyday so just keep on praying. If you haven’t prayed yet start praying n0w and give thanks 2 God for the new year and new life that we have n0w. WELCOME 2013